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Dhan Dhan Baba Deep Singh Ji Gurudwara

Sewa Aberdeen GurudwaraWith the Guru's Grace, behind this initiative, is a loving intention to allow the sangat of Aberdeen to assemble under one roof as a family so that the Shabad of the Guru can penetrate our being and a humbled intention that these vibrations will allow an experience of the Guru's Divinity & inspiration to live from the Guru's Totality.Gurudwara Dhan Dhan Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed, Aberdeen will be a modern, peaceful and tranquil place of worship welcoming all, to worship, grow spiritually, connect as a community and to serve the wider community of Aberdeen as we as sikhs know is done in all Gurudwaras here in the UK and worldwide.

With the Kirpa of Waheguru, the facilities we aim to provide at the GurudwaraDhan Dhan Baba Deep Singh Jee Aberdeen “ are:

- Diwan Hall
- Kitchen & Langar Hall
- Reception & Cloakroom facilities
- Punjabi/Sikhi media learning suite
- Simran room
- Accommodation facilities
- Car parking

Please show your support and join with us in this exciting next step for the Sikh Sangat, Aberdeen.
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